Investment Banking

Yonaco Group specializes in the initiation and management of complex strategic transactions in South Korea including financial advisory, mergers and acquisitions, and fundraising. Yonaco’s management has significant hands-on experience as investment bankers in various industries and a deep understanding of the Korean market. 

Our decades of experience in the Korean market and our unique approach to the market enable us to provide close guidance on a wide range of transactions, including:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Fundraising, attracting strategic and financial investors
  • Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) projects 
  • Joint Ventures

We imply comprehensive and systematic methodologies to manage and execute M&A transactions in Korea for our  global clients: 

  • Identifying investors, buyers and investment companies 
  • Assistance in negotiations 
  • Assistance in structuring a deal 
  • Assistance in selecting local advisors in South Korea 
  • Conducting and supervising due diligence 
  • Post Merger Integration (PMI) processes

​​Yonaco Group has extensive experience in attracting investors and accompanying fund raising from South Korean entities including:

  • Assistance in building presentations
  • Mapping and allocating investors
  • Planning and organizing Road Shows
  • Negotiation facilitation