Frequently Asked Questions

Do Israelis need a visa to enter Korea?

Every Israeli traveling to South Korea automatically receives a 3 months visa.

How do I fly to Korea?

Korean Air operates a direct flight from Israel to Seoul 3 times a week. Indirect routes go via El-Al destinations in Asia, or through Europe using European airlines.

Can I get Kosher food in Korea?

Currently, there are no Kosher restaurants in Korea; the Supply of Kosher food is available at the Chabad Jewish Community Center.

Is Korea a safe country?

Korea is considered a safe country, with a very low crime rate.

Do Koreans speak English?

English is not widely spoken (speared) in Korea; however, in big enterprises, there are English speakers.

What is the minimum wage in Korea?

The minimum hourly wage in Korea is KRW 8,590 (Apr. 2020)