Business Development

Yonaco Group specializes in business development with Koreans through our offices in Seoul and in Tel Aviv.

Yoanco uses well-organised methodologies to provide our clients comprehensive and transparent project management in order to achieve all their business goals in Korea.

Our experienced consultants in Seoul and in Tel Aviv are continuously involved throughout the process, including the negotiations on the Korean side and also in the implementation stages.

The Yonaco team has over a decade of experience driving businesses in the Korean market and with Korean entities. Our senior management has over 50 years of experience leading businesses and executing overseas transactions.

Yonaco Group significantly increases your chance of success in the Korean market.

Our services are tailored to the client’s needs and include:

  • Strategic and Business Consulting
  • Feasibility studies and market research
  • Mapping and identifying of potential partners
  • Building a strategic marketing plan
  • Campaign planning and execution of roadshows in Korea
  • Negotiation support
  • Business plan implementation and supervision in the Korean market
  • Establishment of your Korean office and recruitment of professional personnel
  • Ongoing presence in Korea to cover your needs
  • Assistance in obtaining government incentives
  • Management training and guidance