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First Annual Conference for Business with Korea


On July 27th, 2010; The YONACO Group, along with The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute, and The Ono Academic College organized the first ever conference for business with Korea in Israel.

More than 120 leading managers from various fields in the Israeli industry were present at the event, held in the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv, with coverage from media representatives.

The First Conference for Business with Korea dealt with an introduction to the Korean economy, the opportunities the Korean economy has to offer to Israeli enterprises, and the ways to fulfill them.

Among the most notable guests at the conference were the Korean Ambassador to Israel, H.E. Mr. Young Sam Ma; Director of The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute, Mr. AviHefetz, The Israeli Commercial Attaché in Korea, Mr. AlonShlezinger, YONACO Group Korea CEO, Mr. In-Soojung, YONACO GROUP CEO, Mr. ItzikYonacpa., and many more.

The conference was opened by Mr. Avi Hefetz, Director of The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute, called for an increase in cooperation between Israel and Korea and mentioned that the promotion of trade with Korea is one of the Export Institute goals for 2011.

The Ambassador of Korea in Israel, H.E. Mr. Young Sam Ma mentioned the fact that the Korean and Israeli economies are complementary. Mr. Ma mentioned that in his opinion, in the following years Korea will become one of the friendliest countries to conduct business with.

Mr. Young-Sun Lee, the Korean commercial Attaché in Israel, explained Korea’s determination to become one of the world’s leading economies, utilizing its educated and skilled population, its key geographic location, its advanced logistics infrastructure, and many governmental projects and initiatives to encourage investments in Korea. Mr. Lee reviewed the Korean presidential plans to develop green technologies and green industries such as the solar industry, water industry and many more.

Advocate Aaron Lampart, partner at Naschitz Brandeis, discussed the differences between the Korean and Western countries. Mr. Lampart mentioned that the difference is noted from the moment you arrive at the airport and go through the passport control, and of course, when Westerns and Koreans sit down for negotiations. Mr. Lamparts emphasized how Westerns see the Korean way of negotiating as very exhausting, requiring a high level of alertness and awareness.

Dr. Victor Ariel, sold his company, Transchip, to the Korean conglomerate Samsung. He later became one of the Vice presidents of the Korean enterprise. Dr. Ariel described his journey, from selling a single product of the company to the sale of the entire company, while pointing out the differences in management practices and working methods of the Korean and Israeli High-Tech companies.

Mrs. Dvora Shabat, director of the KORIL fund in Israel, talked about the best way Israeli companies can receive grants from the fund in order to build and create collaborations in research and development activities with Korean companies.

To conclude the Conference, CEO of the YONACO Group, cpa. Itzik Yona, presented the toolbox offered to Israelis who wish to work with Koreans. Mr. Yona introduced Yonaco Group’s model towards the Korean economy and analyzed the advantages of the Korean economy, its structure and the perfect recipe for building a business relationship between Koreans and Israelis.

Among the industries presented, Mr. Yona emphasized the possibilities for commercial cooperation in the desalination industry, aviation, military and security industry and the Korean domestic market.




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