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Chamber of Commerce Seminar

The seminar was held on the December, 27, 2010, by  The Yonaco Group, The Israeli Chamber of Commerce and  KOTRA, the agency of promotion of business with Korea. Among the subjects that where discussed on the day of the seminar were: Korea’s part in the international economy, the attitude towards Israel, the success of Israelis and the impact of business culture in Korea on the business process.


Eran Uben, former deputy Israeli Ambassador in Korea, remarked that there are many similarities between Korea and Israel. Both states received independence in 1948, both are small states that “Live in a tough neighborhood”, don’t have natural resources and therefore have a high import rate. Another similarities is that both states are invested in education and the High Tech industries. The Koreans are hungry for success and new challenges in any and all possible industries and are characterized by  their determination, diligence and hard work. He also said that is not easy to do business Korea.

CPA Itzik Yona, CEO of Yonaco, who specializes in the Korean market, explained that surprises are a part of business in Korea. “When you think all is well, it means that you have not really understood what is going on.” Even though there are Koreans who speak good English and you think you understand everything they are saying, there are layers below the surface must be realized when doing business with Koreans.

Rafi Hayon, CEO Hayon Computers Group, importers of Samsung to Israel, shared with those present  his vast experience with one of the huge conglomerates in Korea – Samsung. Hayon argued that the relationship with the Koreans is based on mutual trust. This is a very important element in the relationship. The second component is dedication. Koreans work 24 hours a day, and expect the other side to show the same level of dedication. Another component is to know to show respect, and sometimes it is not easy.

Mr. Eyal Sharon, CEO Naoflam described how a trip to a art exhibition and a meeting with a Korean company became an Israeli success story.



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