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First Korean VC Investment in Israel

South Korean L&S Venture Capital to Invest in Israeli nano-technology company Fulcrum SP. The investment takes place five months after the fund’s management attended The Annual Conference for Business with Korea and meeting numerous Israeli entrepreneurs looking for investments.

Mr. Jason Lee , Managing Director in L&S commented:

“during our participation in The Annual  Korea Conference in  Israel late last year, the deep pool of Israeli innovative talents left us in awe and we realized that there exist ample reasons for Korean companies to collaborate with Israelis. Shortly thereafter, we began evaluating Israeli companies and decided to make our first investment in Israel in Fulcrum Materials. We are very excited about the investment because of the company’s unique technology and that the investment is a true embodiment of the collaboration between our two nations.  We plan to continue working with our Israeli business partner, Yonaco Group, to make additional investments in Israel.”

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