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Hosted by Israel Export Institute and Yonaco Group,

the 2014 Korea Business Conference will take place in Tel-Aviv for the 4th time.

The conference aims to provide the necessary updates and insights and will cover the various business collaboration opportunities for the Israeli economy and the Korean Asian Tiger who became the world 13th biggest economy.

We invite you to take part in this unique event, learn from the best experts; meet Korean business leaders looking for Israeli partners; participate in one-on-one meetings – tailored for your needs, and present your organization to the Korean delegations.

Talking Business

Korea Business Conference was always a starting point for new and existing business ties.

Among the conference topics

– Current trends in the Korean business and economy
– Which industries have demand for Israeli products and technologies?
– Fundraising and governmental grants
– Israeli executives sharing their experience in Korea
– Korea economy and business in diplomacy eyes
– How to leverage governmental buy-back mechanism for doing business with Korea
– Korean Executives speaking about their business

One-on-One Meetings

A number of Korean business delegations will attend the conference. The delegations will hold business meetings with interested parties.
Register now and submit your request for a business meeting in the “Set a Meeting” Tab. The number of meeting sessions is limited.

         Korea Business Conference 2014:                  Articles about Business with Korea:

Information and Inquiries: Dan Crivolotti: +972-54-5747-763 | Dan@yonaco.com

The Program is tentative and subject to changes

כנס קוריאה לעסקים 2014

מאות משתתפים, חברי קהילת העסקים ואורחים מקוריאה, צפויים להשתתף גם השנה בכנס קוריאה לעסקים ביוזמת מכון הייצוא הישראלי ו-קבוצת Yonaco. הכנס יעסוק במגוון האפשרויות לשיתופי פעולה עם הנמר האסיאתי שהפך עם השנים לכלכלה ה-13 בעולם.

הכנס יכלול הרצאות מפי מיטב המומחים בכלכלה ובעסקים עם קוריאה לרבות שגרירים, נספחים מסחריים, חברות ייעוץ וחברות ישראליות הפעילות בקוריאה כמו גם מנהלים של חברות קוריאניות שיגיעו לכנס.

עושים עסקים

אנו מזמינים אותך לכנס קוריאה לעסקים לשמוע על מגוון ההזדמנויות העסקיות שיש לקוריאה להציע לחברות ישראליות בתחומים שונים. במהלך הכנס יוכלו חברות ישראליות לפגוש את המשלחות הקוריאניותולקיים פגישות עסקים אישיות.

בין נושאי הכנס

– מגמות וכיוונים בכלכלה ובעסקים בקוריאה

– באילו תעשיות נמצאים הביקושים לטכנולוגיה ולמוצרים הישראלים

– גיוסי הון וקבלת מענקים ממשלתיים

– הצגת חברות קוריאניות ממגוון תעשיות

– מנהלים ישראלים משתפים מנסיונם בקוריאה

– כלכלת קוריאה בראי הדיפלומטיה

– מינוף מנגנון רכש הגומלין הממלכתי לעסקים בקוריאה

פגישות עסקים אישיות

מספר משלחות קוריאניות מתעשיות הטכנולוגיה יגיעו לכנס ויקיימו פגישות אישיות עם משתתפי הכנס. כמו כן יוכלו המשתתפים להפגש עם נציגי הסחר הרשמיים של קוריאה וישראל ועם המנהלים הקוריאנים של קבוצת YOANCO.

ניתן לקרוא על הפגישות האפשריות בעמוד הסמוך ואף לבקש פגישה אישית עם החברות אותן תרצה לפגוש. חברות נוספות לפגישות יתווספו במהלך השבועות הקרובים.

מספר הפגישות מוגבל!

מי יגיע לכנס

מנהלי חברות היי-טק וטכנולוגיה, חברות מתחום הציוד הרפואי, התעשיות הביטחוניות, חברות השקעה ותעשיה, משקיעים ויועצי השקעות, מנהלי קרנות הון סיכון, עורכי דין, רואי חשבון, מנהלי קרנות, יצואנים, יבואנים, מנכ”לים, סמנכ”לים, מנהלי שיווק ופיתוח עסקי, בעלי חברות, מנהלי תשתיות, יזמים ומנהלי רכש.

         מאמרים אודות עסקים בקוריאה            סיכום כנס קוריאה לעסקים 2014

לשאלות בנושא הכנס: דן קריבולוטי – 054-5747-763 | Dan@yonaco.com

* תוכנית הכנס הינה טנטטיבית ועלולה להשתנות

Conference Agenda (Download PDF Version Here)

8:00 – 9:00 Gathering and Registration

Host: Mr. Yigal Haccoun, VP, Israel Export Institute

9:00 – 9:45 Greetings & Keynote

  • Mr. Lior Konitzki, Vice Director General, Head of Technology Industries Division, Export Institute
  • H.E. Kim Ilsoo, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Israel
  • Mr. Itzik Yona, Chairman, Korea Business Conference

Keynote Speaker:

  • Building Korea’s Future Winning Industries
    Dr. Pahk Heui Jae, President & National CTO
    Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy

9:45 – 10:40 Session I

  • The Secrets Behind the Korean Corporate Walls
    Mr. Moshe Sharon, Vice President
    IMC Group
  • Your Seoul Secret is Safe with Me – These and Other Lies of International Negotiations
    Mrs. Heather Stone, head of the Korean desk
    GKH Law
  • Korean Mobile Gaming Industry
    Mr. Lee Sungsoo, CEO
    MobileBus Inc.
  • Presentation of The Korean Delegations

10:40- 11:20 Networking Break

11:20 – 12:35 Session II

    • Making Money from a Korean Wave
      Dr. Alon Levkowitz, researcher
      Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies
    • Introduction of KT and It’s Future Technology
      Mr. Daniel M. Shin , Strategic Investment Dep.
      Korea Telecom
    • Building a Successful Joint R&D Relationship with Koreans
      Mr. Daniel Manor , CEO and Co-Founder
    • Overview of the Coming Korea-Israel Customs Relief Program
      Mr. Aviram Abramowitz , Director Clearance Process
      Tax Authority
    • Panel Discussion: Israeli Executives Operating in Korea
      Mr. Igal Karni, Deputy Director for Marketing & Sales

Mr. Alon Shlesinger, CEO

Mr. Itzik Yona, CEO
Yonaco Group

12:35 – 13:05 Networking Break

13:05 – 14:00 Session III

  • Korean Business from Ambassador Point of View
    Mr. Tuvia Israeli, Ambassador to Korea 2010-2013
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Current & future trends for Israeli companies in Korea
    Mr. Ofer Fohrer, Commercial Attaché
    Embassy of Israel in Korea
  • Increasing Your Business in Korea by Leveraging the “Buyback” System
    Mr. Gabi Golomb, Director General
    The Israeli Industrial Cooperation Authority
  • Insights Into the Korean Economy and Business Practices
    Mr. Itzik Yona, CEO
    Yonaco Group

14:00 – 14:45 Networking Lunch

14:45 – 17:45 Personal Business Meetings

* The Program is Subject to Changes

* The Lectures will be held in English and Hebrew

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 11.41.59Dr. Pahk Heui Jae, President & National CTO,                                                            Korean 
Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy

Read Full Bio

למידע בעברית לחץ כאן

Dr. Pahk Heui Jae has been the President & National CTO,of the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy since April 2013. Between his past positions are Founder & CEO of SNU Precision CO. LTD, Professor in the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Seoul National University and at POSTECH, Korea.He won the PAIKNAM and IR52 Jang Young Sil awards in 2013 and was awarded the Grand Award for 100 Innovations for Korea by the National Academy of Engineering of Korea. In 2004 he was awarded the Korean Presidential Decoration for technology innovation.

photoH.E. Kim Ilsoo, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea

Read Full Bio


Lior Konitzki

Lior Konitzki, Vice Director General, Head of Technology Industries Division, Export Institute

Read Full Bio


photoTuvia Israeli, Former Ambassador of Israel in the Republic of Korea

Read Full Bio


Ofer FohrerMr. Ofer Fohrer, Commercial Attaché, Embassy of Israel in Korea
Ofer Fohrer is the Head of the Economic & Trade Mission at the Israeli Embassy in Korea.

Read Full Bio

Ofer Fohrer is the Head of the Economic & Trade Mission at the Israeli Embassy in Korea. He holds this post since October 2010. Prior to his posting to Korea, Ofer served as a cadet at the North America Department of the Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Industry Trade and Labor.
Ofer served as a cadet at the North America Department of the Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Industry Trade and Labor.
Prior to joining the government, Ofer was an Account Manager at the Stock Option Department of the Tamir Fishman investment firm.
Ofer holds a B.A degree in Political Science, and M.A degree in Diplomacy from the Tel-Aviv University.

unnamedMrs. Heather Stone, head of Korean desk at GKH

Serves as the head of Intellectual Property Group at GKH Law

Read Full Bio

A leading expert on intellectual property transactions, licensing, encryption licenses, and data security, Heather Stone heads the Intellectual Property Group at GKH. Heather’s practice focuses on IP based transactions in the Corporate M&A sphere, with an emphasis on representation of emerging growth companies and the representation of investors and venture capital funds involved with such companies.
Heather has advised numerous Israeli based technology and life science companies in their merger and acquisition transactions with some of the largest companies world-wide, such as Boston Scientific, Cisco Systems which acquired three of her clients, Medtronic and Red Hat.
She has advised international acquirers such as Akamai, Kimberly-Clark, and Symantic GENBAND.
Heather heads the Korean desk at GKH which serves Israeli based clients entering and doing business in Korea and Korean based clients doing business in Israel. Heather has lectured in Korea on research and development incentives in Israel and M&A and JV opportunities between Israel and Korea.
Her article “Laws Encouraging Technological Innovation in Israel: Strings Attached”, on the R&D Law was recently published in the Korean Legislation Research Institute Journal of Law and Legislation.
According to Chambers Global (2013) “Standout matters from Heather Stone’s workload include advising Akamai on its USD286 million acquisition of California-based Cotendo.”

Moshe SharonMr. Moshe Sharon, VP of IMC

Mr. Moshe Sharon served until recently as the president of TaeguTec – the Korean subsidiary of ISCAR Group

Read Full Bio

Moshe Sharon is a senior executive in ISCAR Group, now owned by Warren Buffett, for the last 32 years.
In the last 12 years, served as the president of TeaguTech, a Korean company owned by ISCAR.
During this period TeaguTech business volume increased to hundreds of millions of dollars and becoming a role model of successful foreign investment in Korea.
Mr. Sharon is a honorary citizen of the city of Daegu and awarded a Korean citizenship for life.
Awarded several medals and certificates of appreciation from the President of Korea for his achievements.

no pictureMr. Daniel M. Shin, Strategic Investment Dep. at Korea Telecom

Read Full Bio

Hisense is the owner of the popular infant monitor Babysense

no pictureMr. Igal Karni, Deputy Director for Marketing & Sales, Elta

Read Full Bio


Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 13.03.31Mr. Gabi Golomb, Director General of The Israeli Industrial Cooperation Authority

Read Full Bio

Mr. Gabriel Golomb is the Acting Director General of the Industrial Cooperation Authority (ICA), State of Israel, Ministry of Economy.
Educated in Israel, Mr. Golomb holds an MBA with Specialization in International Marketing, from Tel-Aviv University. And a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering, from the Technion, Haifa, Israel.
As Acting Director General of ICA Mr. Golomb is responsible for Israel’s global Industrial Cooperation activities, including initiation, coordination and monitoring industrial and commercial cooperation activities following Government, Government owned companies, public institutes and other State entities procurement, in the civil and defense industries, in USA, Europe and Asia.

Alon LevkowitzDr. Alon Levkowitz, Expert in Korean society, culture, history and politics, Bar Ilan University

Read Full Bio

Dr. Alon Levkowitz is currently the Asia Program Coordinator at Bar-Ilan University. His PhD dissertation (2005 Hebrew University of Jerusalem) analyzed the defense policies of the United States’ allies in Asia: Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. His research includes security and international relations issues in North East Asia. He published articles on Arms control in Asia, Korea – Middle East relations, United Sates forces in Asia and others.
Dr. Levkowitz teaches at Bar-Ilan and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem courses on – the foreign and security policies of Asian nation, International Organizations in Asia and the Korean politics and history.

Alon ShlesingerMr. Alon Shlesinger, CEO of INSPIRA

Previously technology sourcing and innovation is SK Group and former commercial attaché in Seoul

Itzik YONA high res 1 copyMr. Itzik Yona, CPA., CEO of Yonaco Group
Itzik Yona has more then a decade experience in doing business in Korea including negotiating and executing of M&A deals, living in Korea and managing a 200 million dollar Korean company and more.

Read Full Bio

Itzik Yona has more then a decade experience in doing business in Korea including negotiating and executing of M&A deals, living in Korea and managing a 200 million dollar Korean company, leading handful of deals with Korean companies and advising both Korean and Israeli Governmental and commercial entities.
He graduated from Tel-Aviv University with a BA in Accounting and Economics and an MBA in Finance and Marketing. He is a CPA and a member of the Institute of CPAs in Israel.


The Program is tentative and subject to changes

Our Sponsors

GKHchamber of commercekorean




The Program is tentative and subject to changes

Executives from the following entities will attend the conference:

korean embassy

Korean Embassy in Israel

tourismeconomychamber of commerce


The Program is tentative and subject to changes

Korea Business Conference gives its guests the opportunity to apply for a personal business meeting with members of the Conference delegations. As of Thursday 15.5, all meeting requests will be handled on Sunday 18.5 during the Conference and afterwards, based on time slots availability and confirmation of the Korean side.

Meetings will be held on the Conference day and/or Monday May 19th, 2014.

KT Corporation

Biggest communication services company in Korea. – מאמר בעברית אודות החברה
KT is looking for all technologies related to KT activities including: telecom, ICT, media, mobile and more.

Set a Meeting with KT Corporation

[gravityform id=”18″ name=”KT Corporation”]

Hyundai Motor – Corporate VC

Investments arm of the automotive giant – מאמר בעברית אודות החברה

Set a Meeting with Hyundai CVC

Meeting Schedule is Fully Booked

Naver Corporation

Largest internet company in Korea. – מאמר בעברית אודות החברה

Set a Meeting with NAVER

[gravityform id=”14″ name=”Naver”]

Commercial Department – Embassy of Israel

מאמר אודות ביקור הנספח עופר פוהרר

Set a Meeting with Mr. Ofer Fohrer, Israeli Commercial Attaché in Korea

[gravityform id=”12″ name=”Commercial Department – Embassy of Israel”]

KOTRA – Korea Trade Agency

Puts you in contact with the right Korean partners. – מאמר בעברית אודות המשלחת

Set a Meeting with KOTRA executives

[gravityform id=”17″ name=”KOTRA”]

Israeli Industrial Cooperation Authority (רשפ״ת)

Set a Meeting with Gabi Golomb, Director General of ICA

[gravityform id=”15″ name=”The Israeli Industrial Cooperation Authority”]

Yonaco Group – Korea Business Experts

Business development in Korea

Set a Meeting with Mr. Jung In-Soo, CEO of Yonaco Korea

[gravityform id=”7″ name=”Yonaco Group”]

SeA Mechanics

Mass production of stand and wall bracket for TV.
Die-Casting parts for automobile.

Set a Meeting with SeA Mechanics Executive Director

[gravityform id=”28″ name=”SeA Mechanics”]


Information Communication, SW, H/W

Set a Meeting with NURIBOM CTO

[gravityform id=”26″ name=”NURIBOM”]

Mobilebus Inc.

Launching iOS/android games, smart TV games

Set a Meeting with Mobilebus Inc. CEO

[gravityform id=”27″ name=”Mobilebus Inc.”]


Bio Medical Devices, Medical Device Testing Equipment

Set a Meeting with MicroDigital Technical Director

[gravityform id=”25″ name=”MicroDigital”]

Investment Team, Gyeongsangbuk-do Government

Provincial Government Office

Set a Meeting with Gyeongsangbuk-do Government Executives

[gravityform id=”24″ name=”Investment Promotion Team, Gyeongsangbuk-do Provincial Government”]
[gravityform id=”24″ name=”Investment Promotion Team, Gyeongsangbuk-do Privincial Government”]


Others and Non profit organizations

Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL)

Testing Laboratory. Certification and Assesment for Electronics, Medical,IT , Environment, Renewable energy

Set a Meeting with Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) Director

[gravityform id=”30″ name=”Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL)”]

Hanyang University
Industry Cooperation Foundation

Academic- Industrial cooperation (collaboration)

Set a Meeting with Hanyang University Cooperation Foundation Director

[gravityform id=”31″ name=”Hanyang University Industry-University Cooperation Foundation”]

Korea Development Institute (KDI)

Economic policy research

Set a Meeting with Korea Development Institute (KDI)

[gravityform id=”33″ name=”Korea Development Institute (KDI)”]

The J Com

1. Pharmacy for the new drug discovery using pulse pattern diagnosis.
2. Personalized guidance of food & nutrition.Interested in: Joint R&D for medical image equipment, living body signal, U health, rehabilitation equipment, operation robot & Surgical equipment etc.

Set a Meeting with The J-Com

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The Program is tentative and subject to changes